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The Silicon MagSafe Card Stand Wallet offers a stylish, functional accessory for MagSafe-compatible iPhones. It holds three cards, provides adjustable viewing angles, and features RFID blocking material for security.


The Silicone Magsafe Card Stand Wallet 

In today's swiftly evolving digital era, the significance of simplicity and functionality in smartphone accessories cannot be emphasized enough. Introducing the Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet, an inventive accessory meticulously crafted to enrich your MagSafe-compatible iPhone experience. This adaptable sleeve goes beyond the conventional role of a cardholder, presenting multifunctionality that seamlessly combines style and practicality.

Understanding the MagSafe Wallet:

What defines the MagSafe Wallet? The MagSafe Card Stand Wallet is a pivotal element of the MagSafe ecosystem, a groundbreaking technology developed by Apple. This technology utilizes an array of magnets on the back of iPhones to effortlessly connect with compatible accessories. This reliable and efficient connection ensures that the Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet perfectly complements your device.

Capacity and Convenience:

How many cards can the MagSafe Card Stand Wallet accommodate? Crafted with convenience at its core, the Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet can hold up to three cards. Whether it's your identification, credit cards, or public transportation pass, this accessory ensures that your essential cards are always within easy reach. No more searching through your wallet or purse; with the MagSafe Card Stand Wallet, your cards are conveniently accessible.

The Perfect Fusion of Style and Functionality:

The Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet is meticulously fashioned from premium silicone material. It not only assures durability but also emanates an elegant aesthetic. The choice of a distinct color tone, intentionally different from your iPhone's, ensures that this accessory stands out, capturing attention and enhancing its visual appeal over time, reflecting your personal style.

Beyond Aesthetics:

The Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet features strategically positioned magnets and anti-slip technology. These elements ensure a secure attachment to the back of your iPhone or MagSafe Back Cover, preventing any inadvertent slips or loss of your cards.

Deliberate Color Choice for Maximum Impact:

The unique color tone of the Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet is intentionally selected to differ from your iPhone's hue. This intentional decision aims to make the accessory stand out, creating a visually striking contrast that not only grabs attention but also introduces a delightful new detail to your iPhone ensemble.

Versatile Stand Modes:

One notable feature of the Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet is its adaptability in positioning your iPhone. Whether you're watching a video, participating in a virtual meeting, or simply browsing the web, this accessory provides adjustable angles for an optimal viewing and usability experience. Transform your iPhone into a hands-free, multi-functional device and enhance your overall user experience.

Advanced RFID Protection:

In today's interconnected digital landscape, protecting your sensitive information is of utmost importance. The Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet is equipped with cutting-edge RFID blocking material. This material acts as a robust defense against electronic theft or unauthorized scanning of your credit cards and IDs. This additional layer of security ensures that your personal data remains private and secure, providing you with peace of mind while carrying your cards.

Seamless Compatibility with MagSafe:

The Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet is designed with seamless compatibility in mind, ensuring it effortlessly integrates with the MagSafe ecosystem. Whether you possess an iPhone 15, 14, or any MagSafe-enabled model, this accessory effortlessly attaches to the back of your device. For a personalized touch that reflects your unique style, you can even stack it on top of a MagSafe Back Cover.

The Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet transcends the conventional role of a cardholder, offering both style and functionality in one elegant package for your MagSafe-compatible iPhone. With its premium silicone construction, secure attachment, versatile stand modes, and RFID protection, it strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetics and security.

Bid farewell to unwieldy wallets and welcome a new era of convenience and refinement. Enhance your iPhone experience by embracing the Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet, a manifestation of the future of smartphone accessories.



• Compatible with MagSafe and MagSafe Back Cover
• Designed for MagSafe-enabled iPhone models
• Made from Silicon
• Position your iPhone in multiple stand modes for optimal viewing and usability
• Anti-slip technology for secure hold
• Strategically placed magnets ensure secure attachment and easy access
• Store up to three cards conveniently
• Equipped with advanced RFID blocking material to safeguard sensitive information
• Seamless integration with the MagSafe ecosystem enhances overall iPhone experience
• Transforms iPhone into a hands-free, multi-functional device
• Elegant aesthetic that ages gracefully, reflecting personal style

Technical Specs

• Material: Silicon
• Collection: Core Collection
• Primary colour: Purple
• Brand: Decoded Bags
• Made for compatible with MagSafe technology



The Silicone MagSafe Card Stand Wallet, crafted from premium silicone, ensures durability while exuding elegance. Its unique color, distinct from your iPhone, highlights personal style and attracts attention.