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We have created a care guide with tips on how to take the best care your Decoded leather.

DECODED products uses only premium quality full grain leather. There may be some characteristic signs such as discolouration, wrinkles, scars and marks. Those do not affect the durability of the product, in fact these arise from the natural beauty of premium leather.

For general cleaning on the leather parts of your DECODED product, please use a soft cloth and a leather cleaner and/or conditioning cream and follow instructions. This should be done three or four times a year and this facilitates the durability, shine and increases the beauty of your DECODED product overall. When it comes to the chemicals that you use to clean your DECODED product, you need to be very careful. Turpentine and mineral spirits must be avoided as they can pull colour, and caustic household chemicals should never be used to clean leather and leather preparations that contain alcohol should also be avoided.

Your DECODED product is designed to last a lifetime. Check out some basic tips written below:

* For Washable Breaker leather featured on our Pop Color collection, please use a damp cloth to wash all dirt off.

• Please clean your DECODED product with only dry cloths. Please do not use any chemicals such a acetone, gasoline, alcohol etc. while cleaning your DECODED product.

• Please keep your DECODED product away from all chemical liquids.

• If your DECODED product gets wet, please wipe it off immediately and let it air dry. Direct heat could cause the leather to dehydrate and damage it.

• If you are using a leather conditioner or other leather cleaning products, please always apply it to the cloth first and not directly onto the leather.

• Please test any leather products on a small area before applying it to the entire DECODED product.

• Please do not store your DECODED product in plastic as these emit chemicals which can damage the leather, please use a cloth bag.

• Please keep your DECODED product away from cosmetics, creams, hairspray, food and other oil-based products as these are likely to stain or damage the leather and are difficult to remove.

• Please do not store your DECODED product in direct sunlight, direct spotlight, direct heat, radiator and similar devices which spread heat and powerful light to prevent fading.

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