Magnetic Wireless Charger | Matte Navy

compatible with MagSafe technology


Magnetic Wireless Charger | Black

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The Wireless Charging Puck in Navy is compatible with MagSafe and is designed to charge your iPhone quick and easy. The magnets ensure you can attach the iPhone in a simple click and the charging will start immediately. Use it with a MagSafe compatible case or attach it directly to your iPhone for optimal charging. 

The magnetic function works upward of the iPhone 12 model, however the Charging Puck is compatible for wireless charging on all QI-enabled devices, such as your phone or AirPods.

With charging up to 15 Watt and featuring an aniline leather inlay with a strong and durable edge, the magnetic Wireless Charging Puck is the perfect combination of function and style. The leather inlay provides a soft contact point for your device, which protects against scratches and slips.

Additionally, the Wireless Charging Puck prevents your device from overcharging, as it stops automatically once the battery is fully charged.