Leather AirCase | Navy

AirPods Pro (1st & 2nd generation)


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Provides a sophisticated and durable protection solution for your AirPods Pro. Made with premium full-grain leather and polycarbonate, it develops a distinct patina and is compatible with wireless charging.


DECODED Leather AirCase Pro for AirPods Pro

Introducing the DECODED Leather AirCase Pro, meticulously designed to offer premium protection and sophisticated style for your AirPods Pro. This elegant case is crafted to meet the needs of discerning users who value both aesthetics and functionality.

The DECODED Leather AirCase Pro is tailored for AirPods Pro and is compatible with the AirPods Pro (2nd gen.), although it does not include a cutout for the new external speaker. Wrapped in premium full-grain black leather, the case exudes a luxurious feel and a refined look that develops a unique patina over time.

Beneath its sleek exterior, the case features shock-proof TPU to absorb small bumps and falls, providing robust protection for your device. The design includes a precise cutout for the LED indicator, allowing you to easily monitor the charging status of your AirPods Pro without removing the case.

Its practical two-piece construction ensures a secure fit and easy installation, making it a convenient accessory for everyday use. The DECODED Leather AirCase Pro combines timeless style with advanced protection, making it the perfect choice for your AirPods Pro.


Designed for AirPods Pro
Works with AirPods Pro (2nd gen.), though it does not feature a cutout for the new external speaker
Wrapped in premium full grain black leather
Shock proof TPU absorbs small bumps and falls
LED indicator cut out
Two-piece construction

Technical Specs

- Material: Leather
- Collection: Core Collection
- Primary colour: Blue
- Brand: Decoded Bags