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iPhone 15 series


Recycled Plastic Clear Case | Transparant

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The DECODED Transparent Grip Case for the iPhone 15 Series is crafted from recycled plastic for sustainability. It features a clear polycarbonate design, anti-slip sides for a secure hold, and MagSafe compatibility for easy charging. With shock-resistant TPU sides and metal buttons, it offers robust protection. The case is packaged in eco-friendly, recycled materials, making it a responsible choice for both device protection and environmental sustainability.


DECODED Recycled Plastic Transparent Grip iPhone case for iPhone 15 Series

This Transparent Grip iPhone Case with a frosted black finish is made with attention to sustainability, particularly for the iPhone 15 series. Its matte design and sides designed to prevent slipping help in maintaining a stable grip on the device. The iPhone case is a reflection of our sustainable practices, device protection, and basic aesthetics.

Polycarbonate Construction

See the combination of design and function with the iPhone case made from black transparent polycarbonate. The iPhone's design is visible through the iPhone case, which is made of recycled plastic, indicating an eco-friendly choice.

Confident Hold with Anti-Slip Side Design

Designed to offer a confident hold, the anti-slip side design ensures your iPhone 15 remains secure in hand, preventing any accidental slips with the support of this iPhone case.

Durable Design Crafted from Recycled Plastic

Crafted with precision from sturdy recycled plastic, this iPhone case offers long-lasting protection without compromising on style or clarity.

MagSafe-Enhanced for Effortless Charging

Never let anything slow you down. Enhanced with MagSafe, this Grip Case supports both magnetic and wireless charging, ensuring your device remains powered up effortlessly.

Robust Protection with Shock Resistant TPU Sides

Stay protected against life's unexpected drops and bumps. The shock-resistant TPU sides of this iPhone case offer robust protection, safeguarding your iPhone 15 against potential damages.

Metal Buttons: A Touch of Premium Functionality

The metal buttons on this iPhone case not only enhance its premium look but offer superior functionality, amplifying every press with a touch of class.

Elevated Camera and Screen Protection

Capture memories without hesitation. The raised metal ring around the camera and the raised edge around the screen ensure your iPhone 15 remains free from scratches, guarding against potential damages and accidental rubs.

Eco-Driven Packaging

In our commitment to the planet, we encase the Transparent Grip Case in packaging made from recycled materials, remaining entirely plastic-free. Every purchase reaffirms your stand on sustainability.

Dive into an experience where innovation meets responsibility with the Recycled Plastic Transparent Grip Case for iPhone 15. A testament to protection, sustainable design, and unmatched functionality.


• Designed for iPhone 15 series
• Frosted black finish: durably Matte
• Anti-slip side design guarantees a confident hold
• Backplate made form Polycarbonate transparent case
• Made from durable recycled plastic
• MagSafe-enhanced: Compatible with magnetic and wireless charging
• Shock resistant TPU sides protect against drops and bumps
• Metal buttons for superior functionality
• Raised metal ring around the camera
• Raised edge around screen to prevents scratches
• Packaging made from recycled material, plastic-free

Technical Specs

• Material: GRS Recycled Material
• Collection: Core Collection
• Primary colour: Transparant
• Brand: Decoded Bags
• Made for iPhone 15 series



The anti-slip design ensures a firm grip, reducing drops. Its textured sides boosts security and user confidence.


Offers robust drop protection through shock-resistant TPU sides that absorb impacts, safeguarding your iPhone 15 from accidental falls and impacts.


Experience a secure hold like never before with our anti-slip side design, ensuring your iPhone 15 model stays firmly in your grasp.


With enhanced MagSafe integration, our Grip Case offers uninterrupted wireless charging and simple accessory connections.


Crafted with precision from sturdy recycled plastic, this Grip Case offers long-lasting protection without compromising on style or clarity.


From refined metal buttons to elevated camera and screen safeguards, our case blends premium functionality with robust protection.


Designed for the iPhone 15 series, this eco-friendly, transparent case is made for iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.