2 Year Global Limited Warranty

At Decoded we offer a 2-year Global limited warranty on all DECODED products. We cover all manufacturing errors but do not cover any damages that may have occurred during normal wear and tear and or misuse of your Decoded product.
In case of a warranty claim we aim to replace with the same style, but we cannot guarantee this! In some situations, we will offer a new style or colour or credit for our webshop www.decodedbags.com.

In case of a warranty we ask you to contact us at support@decoded.nl. Please provide us with a picture/video of the problem and your proof of purchase from our webshop. Warranties can only be processed with a proof of purchase. Any item purchased from a 3rd party seller will not be valid for returns or warranty claims. We may ask you to send back the product for investigation.

Decoded will not be liable for any damages that may result from the use of any Decoded product. Our warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of property such as electronic devices and/or other personal property. 
During your 2-year warranty period Decoded allows one (1) warranty claim per purchased product.

Contact: support@decoded.nl 

Make sure to attach a proof of purchase and evidence of the problem.

We aim to reply within 2-3 work days.