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DECODED works closely with ECCO Leather - a globally recognized leader in the production of high-quality leather. ECCO Leather shares a commitment to sustainable  leather development, a principle that resonates with DECODED's values. Their tanneries operated across Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Far East have earned prestigious gold and silver ratings from the Leather Working Group.

Together we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Unparalleled Quality

At DECODED, we take pride in sourcing only the finest full-grain leather, carefully selected from the top layer of European cowhide. This exceptional leather, known for its durability, requires expert tanning and shaping. To ensure the utmost care and precision in this crucial process, we've partnered with the skilled artisans at ECCO's renowned tanneries.

DECODED Aesthetics

Full grain leather, sourced from the top layer of hide, has often been exposed to the elements. As a result it may exhibit slight discolorations or marks. These features do not compromise the durability or premium quality of our products; they, in fact, enhance the natural beauty of the leather. At DECODED, we celebrate these distinct imperfections, making it a deliberate choice to incorporate them into our products. This ensures our products are truly one of a kind.

Durable Leather

The dense fibers found in full-grain leather provide unmatched strength and durability. Even with its ruggedness, full-grain leather maintains breathability. This remarkable blend of qualities distinguishes full-grain leather from all other leather grades.

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Beauty with Age

With time, DECODED leather only improves in appearance. Regular use will age your leather products and help them to develop their very own unique patina. This glossy sheen stands as a testament to the premium quality of our leather.

How do I take care of my leather product?

  • Clean your DECODED product with a dry cloth 3 to 4 times a year. Avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone and alcohol, as they can harm the leather.
  • If your DECODED product gets wet, wipe it dry immediately and allow it to air dry. Avoid direct heat, as it can strip the leather of its natural oils and cause damage.
  • When applying leather conditioner or other cleaning products, apply them to a cloth first, not directly onto the leather.
  • Before using leather treatment products, test them on a small area of your DECODED product.
  • Store your DECODED product in a cloth bag instead of a plastic one, as certain plastic bags may emit chemicals that can harm the leather.
  • Keep your DECODED product away from cosmetics, creams, hairspray, food, and other oil-based products, as they may stain or damage the leather.
  • Avoid exposing your DECODED product to direct sunlight or heat to prevent fading.

exclusively uses high-quality full-grain leather. The inclusion of discoloration and marks in our designs is a deliberate choice and does not compromise the product's durability. These imperfections are part of the natural beauty of our leather and add to the product's charm.