iPad Pro 11-in. (M4)

Textured Silicone Slim Cover

iPad Pro 2024 series


Textured Silicone Slim Cover | Navy Peony | iPad Pro 11Textured Silicone Slim Cover | Lavender | iPad Pro 11

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The Textured Silicone Slim Cover for iPad Pro offers sleek, lightweight protection, various viewing angles, easy port access, Apple Pencil cutout, and automatic wake/sleep. Made from high-performance silicone.


Textured Silicone Slim Cover for iPad Pro

The Textured Silicone Slim Cover is meticulously designed to provide top-notch protection and unparalleled convenience for your iPad Pro. Every aspect of this cover, from its high-performance silicone exterior to its practical features, elevates your iPad experience to new heights.

Designed for iPad Pro

Specifically designed for the iPad Pro, this cover ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with your device's features and functionalities. Enjoy the sleek and lightweight feel of this slim cover, which adds minimal bulk while providing maximum protection for your iPad.

High-Performance Textured Silicone Rubber for Easy Grip

Experience the tactile and visual allure of our high-performance textured silicone rubber. The texture not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds a stylish touch to your device.

Front and Back Protection for Your iPad

Despite its slim and lightweight design, this cover offers both front and back protection for your iPad. It shields your device from everyday wear and tear and unexpected bumps.

Three-Fold Design for Different Viewing & Working Positions

The three-fold structure of the cover allows you to position your iPad at various viewing and working angles. In landscape mode, you can choose between two different positions: a higher angle for comfortable viewing and typing, and a lower angle for a more stable position while drawing or writing.

Open and Close the Slim Cover to Automatically Wake and Sleep Your iPad

Open and close the slim cover to automatically wake and sleep your iPad. This convenient feature saves battery life and ensures effortless use.

Easy Access to All Ports and Controls

Designed with precision cutouts, this cover provides easy access to all ports, buttons, and controls on your iPad, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Premium Micro-Fibre Lining

The interior premium micro-fibre lining offers an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, and scratches, while also adding to the cover's luxurious feel.

Dedicated Apple Pencil Cutout

Featuring a dedicated cutout on the side, this slim cover allows you to attach your Apple Pencil securely to your iPad. Enjoy the convenience of having your Apple Pencil always within reach and ready to use.

Easy-to-Clean Exterior

The exterior of the Textured Silicone Slim Cover is crafted from high-performance silicone rubber that is easy to clean. The textured surface not only provides a comfortable grip but also makes it simple to wipe away dirt and smudges, ensuring your iPad Pro stays clean and looking new.

Ton-sur-Ton Stitching

The Textured Silicone Slim Cover features elegant ton-sur-ton stitching, adding a refined and cohesive look to your iPad Pro. This subtle detail enhances the overall aesthetic and showcases the quality craftsmanship of the cover.

Enhanced Hardshell for Added Strength

Beneath the stylish exterior, the Textured Silicone Slim Cover boasts an enhanced hardshell construction. This reinforced layer provides superior strength and durability, ensuring your iPad Pro is well-protected against impacts and drops.

Recycled, Plastic-Free Packaging

The Textured Silicone Slim Cover comes in packaging made from recycled materials and is free of plastic. Our dedication to sustainability mirrors our commitment to quality.

Choose the Textured Silicone Slim Cover for iPad Pro

Experience the perfect blend of timeless style, advanced functionality, and unparalleled protection.


• Designed for iPad Pro
• Made from high-performance textured silicone rubber for easy grip
• Front and back protection for your iPad
• Three-Fold design for different viewing & working positions
• Slim profile and lightweight feel
• Open and close the slim cover to automatically wake and sleep your iPad
• Easy access to all ports and controls
• Dedicated Apple Pencil cutout
• Ton-sur-Ton Stitching
• Easy-to-Clean Exterior
• Enhanced Hardshell for Added Strength
• Premium micro-fibre lining

Technical Specs

• Material: Silicone
• Collection: Core Collection
• Primary colour: Black
• Brand: Decoded Bags
• Made for iPad Pro 2024 series


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