Leather Back Cover Pig & Hen | Black

iPhone SE series

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The Decoded x Pig & Hen combines design with maximum protection. Built with shock-absorbing materials, it offers robust protection against bumps and falls while adding a touch of style.


DECODED x Pig & Hen Leather Back Cover for iPhone SE

The DECODED x Pig & Hen Back Cover for iPhone SE combines design with maximum protection. Built with shock-absorbing materials to protect your device from small bumps and falls. The bezel has been slightly raised to protect your device from scratching. Featuring a 2-layered metal camera ring with hand-engraved Decoded branding. The volume buttons are finished in matching polished metal and provide superior functionality.

Premium Full-Grain Leather Craftsmanship

Hand-wrapped using premium full-grain leather, this Back Cover ages beautifully, telling your story over time.

Shock-Resistant TPU Protection

Beneath its leather exterior, there's a robust shock-resistant TPU underlayer that adds an extra layer of protection against unexpected drops and impacts.

Premium Satin-Like Geometric Lining

The interior features a premium satin-like geometric lining, adding a touch of sophistication while protecting your iPhone from scratches.

Metal Buttons: A Touch of Premium Functionality

The metal buttons featured on this case contribute to its distinct appearance and are designed for practical functionality. They ensure each press is both effective and consistent, reflecting the overall quality of the case's construction.

Elevated Camera Protection

The raised metal ring around the camera ensures your iPhone SE's lens remains scratch-free, guarding against potential damages.


• Decoded x Pig & Hen collaboration
• Wrapped in full grain leather in black
• Shock proof TPU absorbs small bumps and falls
• Metal buttons provide superior functionality
• Two layer custom metal camera ring with DCDD branding
• Premium satin-like geometric lining
• Suitable for iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Technical Specs

- Material: Leather
- Collection: Pig & Hen
- Primary colour: Black
- Brand: Decoded Bags