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NEXT ONE All-Rounder Glass Screen Protectors

Designed by NEXT ONE, the All-Rounder Glass Screen Protectors are meticulously crafted to fit the unique shape of your device with precision and care. Focused on preserving the original touch experience, this screen protector offers maximum protection for your device, allowing you to use it safely and with peace of mind.

Precision and Clarity

The precise contour and cutouts of the screen protector are achieved through laser-cut dimensions, offering a perfect fit for your device. The unique adhesive properties allow for easy, bubble-free installation, while the oleophobic nano-coating and silver ionization protect against fingerprints, dirt, and oil. The clear and transparent screen resolution enhances visual enjoyment while protecting your eyes, and the maximum touch responsiveness ensures that you can use your device as you normally would. The display glass provides ultimate and complete adhesion to the edges, so your device can always be protected.

Ultimate Hardness for Superior Protection

Crafted with 9H hardness, the shatter-proof and scratch-resistant tempered glass is specially developed for robust protection. In the event of a fall, the tempered glass provides perfect protection for your device display.

Complete Protection Solution

For complete protection, we recommend pairing the All-Rounder Glass Screen Protector with the NEXT ONE MagSafe clear case. Explore our wide range of cases and screen protectors for the latest device releases.

Laser-Cut Precision
Each screen protector is meticulously crafted to the exact dimensions of your device, ensuring a perfect fit without misalignment.

Bubble-Free Installation
Designed with a strong adhesive that applies smoothly, eliminating bubbles for a clear installation process.

Oleophobic Nano-Coating
Features a nano-coating that repels oils and reduces fingerprints, maintaining a clean and clear screen.

9H Hardness
Constructed with high-quality tempered glass rated at 9H hardness for maximum scratch resistance and protection against impacts.

Enhanced Touch Responsiveness
Engineered to not interfere with the touch screen sensitivity of your device, maintaining a natural feel and response.

Complete Edge Adhesion
Provides full coverage with edge-to-edge adhesion, protecting every inch of your device's screen from damage.


• Designed for the iPhone 15 Pro Max
• Crafted from Premium Tempered Glass
• Ultra-Clear Surface
• Anti-Fingerprint Coating
• Shock-Resistant Construction
• Edge-to-Edge Coverage
• Drop Resistant up to 1.2 meters
• Precise Cutouts
• Crystal Clear Responsiveness
• Eco-Friendly Packaging

Technical Specs

• Material: Glass
• Collection: Next One Accessories
• Primary colour: Transparent
• Brand: Next One
• Made for Screen Protectors