Recycled Plastic Transparant Loop Stand Back Cover | Transparant Black

iPhone 15 series


Recycled Plastic Transparant Loop Stand Back Cover | Transparant

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The DECODED case for iPhone 15 combines style, safety, and sustainability. It features a 360-degree rotatable loop, MagSafe-enhanced charging, and shock-resistant TPU edges. Made from recycled polycarbonate, the case also comes in eco-friendly packaging. It offers robust protection while emphasizing environmental responsibility.


DECODED Recycled Plastic Transparent Loop Stand Back Cover for iPhone 15 Series

Step up to an age of conscientious design and effortless utility with the Recycled Plastic Transparent Loop Stand Back iPhone case. Exclusively tailored for the iPhone 15 series, this case combines 360-degree loop stand flexibility with supreme protection, ensuring that style, safety, and sustainability coexist beautifully.

360-Degree Rotatable Loop Stand Flexibility

The loop stand on the iPhone case can be rotated as needed. Rotate as you desire, granting you multiple viewing and working angles, making every interaction smoother. This provides practical use for various tasks such as holding it more securely like a ring holder, propping the phone for FaceTime calls, using it as a makeshift pop socket, or setting the phone on an airplane tray to watch a film. This feature adds to the functional aspects of the iPhone case.

Crystal Clear Craftsmanship with Recycled Polycarbonate

Display your iPhone's design with a transparent case made from Recycled Polycarbonate. Set the trend while emphasizing eco-awareness with each glance.

Unyielding Protection with Recycled Plastic Durability

With its formidable construct from robust recycled plastic, the cover offers the perfect blend of longevity, style, and clear conscience.

MagSafe-Enhanced for Effortless Charging

Never let anything slow you down. Enhanced with MagSafe, this iPhone case supports both magnetic and wireless charging, ensuring your device remains powered up effortlessly.

Protect with Shock-Resistant TPU Edges

The TPU sides of the iPhone case provide resistance against unexpected impacts, helping to protect the iPhone 15 from potential drops and shocks.

Metal Buttons: Accurate Responses

The metallic buttons on the iPhone case are designed for functionality, ensuring accurate pressing. They also contribute to the overall look of the iPhone case.

Camera and Screen Protection Features

Ensure clear camera usage and maintain your screen's condition. The iPhone case has a metal ring around the camera and a 1mm raised edge for the screen, designed to protect the iPhone 15 from scratches and maintain its appearance.

Sustainable Commitment in Packaging

In our commitment to the planet, we encase this iPhone case in packaging made from recycled materials, remaining entirely plastic-free. Every purchase reaffirms your stand on sustainability.


• Designed for iPhone 15 series
• 360-degree rotatable loop stand flexibility
• Multiple viewing and working modes
• Recycled Polycarbonate transparent case
• Made from durable recycled plastic
• MagSafe-enhanced: Compatible with magnetic and wireless charging
• Shock resistant TPU sides protect against drops and bumps
• Metal buttons for superior functionality
• Raised metal ring around the camera
• 1mm raised edge around screen to prevents scratches
• Packaging made from recycled material, plastic-free

Technical Specs

• Material: Recycled Material
• Collection: Core Collection
• Primary colour: Transparant
• Brand: Decoded Bags
• Made for iPhone 15 series



Our new Loop Stand case features a 360-degree rotatable loop stand for versatile viewing angles and a secure grip.


360º loop stand provides secure grip and versatile viewing angles, minimizing drops and optimizing iPhone 15 user experience.


Offers robust drop protection through its durable construction, effectively guarding against accidental falls and impacts.


Showcase your iPhone's aesthetic with a Loop Stand case crafted from Recycled Polycarbonate.


With enhanced MagSafe integration, our Loop Stand Case offers uninterrupted wireless charging and simple accessory connections.


Foldable loop on the iPhone case's back offers versatile viewing angles and a secure grip for the iPhone 15.


Foldable loop on the iPhone case's back offers versatile viewing angles and a secure grip for the iPhone 15.


From refined metal buttons to elevated camera and screen safeguards, our case blends premium functionality with robust protection.