Philips Universal 30W Travel Fast Charger

30 Watt Universal Fast USB-C / USB-A Charger (EU/UK/US)

€ 29,99
Free Shipping above €75 in France
2 Years Warranty

Philips DLP USB-C Charger offers fast charging for iPhone and Android, compatible with both USB-C and USB-A devices. Includes 4 travel plugs for global use, ensuring versatile and speedy charging.


With the Philips DLP USB-C Charger, you ensure that you can keep charging all new and upcoming smartphones and tablets easily and quickly. With the USB-C port, you can easily use the adapter as a fast charger for iPhone and Android devices. This will quickly recharge your device. There are also 4 plugs available making the Philips DLP also ideal to use as a world/travel plug. A real all-rounder!

USB-C and USB-A adapter suitable for all smartphones
With USB-C increasingly becoming the standard for charging the latest devices, this Philips charger is completely ready for the future. In fact, current iPhones and Android smartphones already use this new form of connection. This means that your old chargers will no longer work. This Philips DLP2621 is the ideal solution to that problem. Namely, you can easily use the new USB-C cable. There is also an older USB-A port on the adapter. This allows you to easily charge your old, new and future devices!

Perfect universal travel plug with 4 attachments
With the 4 included plugs that you can easily, slide on and off, the Philips DLP Adapter is also a convenient travel plug. This allows you to always charge your devices wherever you are in the world. At the bottom of the description is a handy overview to check in which countries you can use the travel plug.

Use the adapter as a Fast Charger with the USB-C port
Thanks to the USB-C port and 30W of power, the adapter can also be used as a fast charger for the latest iPhone and Android devices. This allows you to fully charge your phone within a very short time! Hugely convenient if you need to leave home quickly.

In which countries can the charger be used?

  • Europe: United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, England, Finland, Norway, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Scotland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Wales, Russia, Iceland, Italy.
  • North America: United States, Mexico, Canada.
  • South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Uruguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Belize, Cuba, Suriname, Dominican Republic, Ecuador.
  • Middle East: Dubai, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Emirates, Qatar, Iran.
  • Asia: Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan.
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.
  • Africa: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, Congo, Madagascar, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia.

- Fast Charging Capabilities: Quickly recharges iPhone and Android devices.
- USB-C Port: Makes the adapter ready for future device compatibility.
- USB-A Port: Ensures you can still charge older devices.
- Ideal for Travel: Includes 4 detachable plugs for international travel.
- Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all smartphones, both old and new.
- 30W Power Output: Enables faster charging for devices.
- Future-Ready Design: Especially with USB-C becoming the new standard.
- Versatility: Can be used as both a travel plug and fast charger.
- Comprehensive Global Coverage: Can be used in multiple countries across Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.
- Convenient Design: Easy slide-on and off attachments for global travel adaptability.

Technical Specs

• Material:
• Collection:
• Primary colour: Black
• Brand: Philips
• Made for 30 Watt Universal Fast USB-C / USB-A Charger (EU/UK/US)



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