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Made of high-performance polyurethane, it provides a silky soft-touch exterior with perfect grip. The raised bezel and shock-absorbing material ensures protecting against light impact. The magnetic ring allows for easy connection to MagSafe technology, and the Biomaster AntiMicrobial polyurethane inhibits bacterial growth.


Sophisticated Protection for Your iPhone 14: DECODED Silicone Back Cover

Iconic Design and Maximum Protection

Sophisticated, subtle, and timeless. That's the DECODED Silicone Back Cover for iPhone 14, crafted with minimalist design for maximum protection. It's more than just a phone case; it's a style icon that protects your iPhone 14 from daily exposures. Highlighted by the iconic "DECODED" imprint on the bottom left and the year of creation engraved on the metal bezel surrounding the camera, the phone case provides a tasteful touch to your device.

Material and Grip

The DECODED Silicone Back Cover is not just about looks. Made from high-performance polyurethane, it provides an ideal grip with its silky soft-touch exterior. This combination of form and function is what sets the DECODED case apart.

Enhanced Protection Features of the DECODED Silicone Back Cover

Ultimate Protection from Drops and Scratches

The Back Cover is designed to defend your iPhone 14 from bumps and drops, featuring a minimally raised bezel to prevent your screen from scratches. This shock-absorbing case provides effective protection against light impact. Engineered for maximum protection, the sturdy polycarbonate case boasts a fully covered bottom for a secure fit, ensuring your case stays firmly on the iPhone, even during a fall.

Microfiber Finish and Raised Edges

The DECODED Silicone Back Cover's microfiber finish on the inside ensures that your iPhone stays pristine. The raised edge around your phone screen and elevated metal camera ring provide an added layer of protection, preventing direct contact with surfaces. Meanwhile, the microfiber inlay pattern on the inside of the phone case keeps the back of your phone well protected. The unique DECODED label subtly pressed into the case's left corner enhances its exclusivity.

The DECODED Silicone Back Cover: Convenience and Hygiene Combined

The Magic of MagSafe

The Silicone Back Cover comes with a magnetic ring that precisely connects the case to the iPhone, enhancing the operation of the MagSafe technology. You can leave the case on your iPhone and conveniently connect your MagSafe charger, place it on your Qi-certified charger, or attach it in your car with ease.

Antimicrobial Protection

This DECODED Silicone Back Cover edition is made of Biomaster Antimicrobial polyurethane, a material specifically designed to inhibit bacterial growth on the case, making your phone usage safer and cleaner at all times.


• designed for iPhone 14 series with MagSafe technology
• AntiMicrobial material; bacteria on your case are a thing of the past.
• made of high quality polyurethane with silky soft-touch for a perfect grip
• shock absorbing polycarbonate for fall or bump protection
• a raised edge that prevents scratches on the screen
• microfiber interior to keep the iPhone like new

Technical Specs

- Material: Silicone
- Collection: Core Collection
- Primary colour: Orange
- Brand: Decoded Bags

This case is infused with Biomaster silver ion technology which reduces microbial growth offering product protection.



The silicone back cover from Decoded provides the perfect grip with a silky soft-touch, ensuring your device stays securely in your hand while feeling comfortable to the touch.


Designed to protect your iPhone from bumps and drops, the silicone Back Cover has a minimal raised bezel to prevent scratching your screen. The shock-absorbing case provides protection against light impact. 


The silky Silicone Back Cover is designed with a minimalist design and maximum protection. A style icon that offers your iPhone against all daily exposures. 


Leave the case on your iPhone and easily connect your MagSafe charger, place it on your Qi certified charger or easily attach it in your car.


A style icon that offers your iPhone protection against all daily exposures. The Silicone Back Cover has "DECODED" printed on the bottom left and the year of creation on the metal bezel around the camera, providing a subtle styling to the phone case.


The raised metal camera ring tastefully protects your camera lens, keeping it from resting directly on the surface. The Back Cover has a fully covered bottom that provides a secure fit. The inlay is made of microfiber, which ensures that the back of your phone remains well protected as well.


The Silicone Back Cover is infused with Biomaster AntiMicrobial polyurethane, which effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria on the case and prevents their proliferation. Unlike a mere coating, this technology is integrated into the material, ensuring it won't come off during use. BioMaster technology offers the advantage of keeping your iPhone safe and clean at all times.


Decoded silicone back covers are available in a variety of colors. The metal camera rings and buttons complement the overall design of the cover. The color of the metal ring and buttons will match the color of the silicone cover.