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€ 39,99

Sophisticated, subtle and timeless. The silky Silicone Back Cover suitable for iPhone 14 is designed with a minimalist design and maximum protection. A style icon that offers your iPhone 14 protection against all daily exposures. The Back Cover has "DECODED" printed on the bottom left and the year of creation on the metal bezel around the camera, providing a subtle styling to the phone case.

The DECODED Silicone Back Cover is made of high-performance polyurethane and provides perfect grip with a silky soft-touch exterior.

Designed to protect your iPhone 14 from bumps and drops, the Back Cover has a minimal raised bezel to prevent scratching your screen. The shock-absorbing case provides protection against light impact. Made for maximum protection, the polycarbonate case has a fully covered bottom that simultaneously provides a secure fit, so the case won't budge from the iPhone even during a fall. The microfiber finish on the inside of the Back Cover ensures that the back of the iPhone remains like new.

The raised edge around your phone screen and raised metal camera ring tastefully protect your screen and camera lens, keeping them from resting directly on the surface. On the inside of the phone case, the inlay pattern has been updated with geometric lines and shades made of microfiber. This ensures that the back of your phone remains well protected as well. The unique DECODED label is now subtly pressed into the left corner of the case.

The Silicone Back Cover features a magnetic ring that precisely connects the case to the iPhone and extends the operation of the MagSafe technology. Leave the case on your iPhone and easily connect your MagSafe charger, place it on your Qi certified charger or easily attach it in your car.

This edition of the Silicone Back Cover is made of Biomaster AntiMicrobial polyurethane that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the case and leaves no way for the bacteria to grow. This allows you to use your phone safely and cleanly at all times.