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  • Why is Decoded Leather Special?

    Decoded uses only the best natural tanned cowhide leather. A trademark of Decoded leather is its transparency, which may show natural markings such as scars and scratches, proving that our leather is premium full-grain Leather. Leather is delicate, and can be scratched but will develop a rich patina, unique to each product, and will develop an amazing suppleness over time. This patina, along with wear and scratches acquired through use only confirms the product’s authenticity and quality. 

  • What is a Patina?

    Leather will develop natural stains and scars and may darken in colour over time, creating a rich patina that tells your story.

  • How do I insert my iPhone into my Decoded case?

    We build our cases to fit the precise measurements of your iPhone, for a secure, safe fit. To insert your iPhone correctly to ensure maximum functionality and solid protection.  Lay your new Decoded case open flat on a hard surface. Insert your iPhone at 45 degree angle beginning with the two front corners (nearest your front camera). Slowly begin to lower your iPhone into the case (beginning with your volume buttons). Firmly snap your case in at the bottom corners. 

  • Wholesale Questions?

    Interested in selling or distributing Decoded? Please contact us at

  • Warranty?

    At Decoded we offer a 2 year global warranty on all of our products.

  • Where's my track and trace?

    We ship all orders Monday to Friday with our preferred partners Fed-Ex & DHL. Once your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking mail confirming your shipment. Please check your Junk mail if you have not received one.

  • What iPhone / iPad do I have?

    Don't know what iPhone / iPad you have? No Problem, you can find your iPhone / iPad model number by looking at the small text on the back of your device. example: "Model A*****" If you cannot read or find the text on the back of your device, launch the iOS Settings app and navigate to General > About > Model (or Model Number).


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