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Back Cover Bio.


Introducing the beautiful and sustainable Back Cover Bio Case. The first sustainable leather case for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, made from a 100% plastic free PLA & Bio Leather. The shock proof bio PLA case is hand wrapped in chrome-free Bio Leather. The entire case has been meticulously designed, using only sustainable materials while eliminating excess plastics and metals. Creating a circular manufacturing process while maintaining the same high level of protection.

Bio PLA.

The case of the new Back Cover Bio is made of biodegradable PLA. The first Decoded case to be made of this shock absorbing, bio plastic.

Bio Leather.

This innovative sustainable leather phone case is biodegradable, chrome-free and produced using a circular manufacturing process which reduces and reuses water waste.

No Excess.

Removing excess materials.

The traditional metal camera ring and volume buttons have been removed and replaced with Bio Leather. The camera ring features a new stylish debossed DCDD branding technique.


Distinctly Decoded

The Back Cover Bio is made of shock proof bio PLA which absorbs small bumps and falls. The bezel has been raised 1 mm to prevent scratching and the corners are flared to protect the port.

Smart Packaging.

Details Done Different

FSC certificated Grouper and Kraft paper. Without foils or coatings to prevent environmental pollution.

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