Magnetic Wireless Charger | Lime

compatible with MagSafe technology


Magnetic Wireless Charger | Clay

€ 49,99

Our latest responsibility program RE_CODED brings you the most stylish way to charge your mobile devices. RE_CODED is a responsibility program, where DECODED had created lifestyle tech accessories made with at least 20% Nike Grind material.

Using leather scraps recycled from Nike’s footwear manufacturing process. The Charging Puck has a stylish Nike Grind composition leather inlay to prevent scratches and slipping when charging your mobile device. Nike Grind composition leather is made by binding at least 80% recycled leather scraps together with other non-leather materials.

The Charging Puck makes charging easier than ever through its MagSafe compatibility, just snap your compatible iPhone back cover on the Puck and it will start charging immediately. Once your iPhone is fully charged, it will stop automatically in order to protect your battery.