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Decoded Slim Sleeve for Apple MacBook

Leather Slim Sleeve

for MacBook



The Slim Sleeve for Macbook is available in 11″, 13″ and 15″ versions. The premium full-grain Analine leather sleeve slips around your Macbook, tightly hugging it’s contours. The interior is covered with protective material that keeps scratches, dents and nicks away. As the leather ages it becomes both more beautiful and unique, creating a distinguished natural look. Fine stitching and our signature Dutch design shape the Slim Sleeve into a new classic.

This Slim Sleeve is an Apple exclusive product.

Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve


  • Made of Premium full-grain Analine leather
  • Slim design
  • Zipper for total protection
  • Micro-fiber inlay for protection of your MacBook
  • Available in black and brown

Quality of Decoded

At Decoded, it is our passion that great design needs no compromise. As a result your Decoded Slim Sleeve looks nothing short of spectacular. We pride ourselves on our keen eye for detail and the Dutch design philosophy that makes up the DNA of our products.

Available for:

MacBook Air 11-inch
MacBook Air / Pro (Retina) 13-inch
MacBook Air / Pro (Retina) 15-inch