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macbook apple watch


During the Apple keynote on april 9th, Apple presented their newest developments to the public. HBO, Apple Pay and the number of iPhone sales came to bid. But to us the highlights of the event were the ultra slim new Macbook and the Apple Watch.

Apple introduced the new 12-inch Macbook as a surprise. This new Macbook weighs only 0.9 kilograms and is 13.1 mm at its thickest point. The screen is provided with a retina screen and is the thinnest display ever. The new Macbook uses the new USB-C port that connects to your power, USB, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA all in one. The new Macbook will be available in grey, gold and silver and will start shipping on april 10th. Stay tuned for the perfect accessory to cover your Macbook 12″!

Since the announcement of the Apple Watch, Apple has been busy with the development of the Apple Watch. The most important possibilities of the watch are time, communication and activities. Apple showcased a collection of apps on the watch including Instagram. The Apple Watch will be available on april 24th in different countries, unfortunately not in the Netherlands yet. Did you like the keynote as much as we did?