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A Royal Celebration

Not too long ago, the history of the Netherlands took on a new course. After more than a hundred years, the Dutch crown has been passed down to a male monarch. His majesty, King William-Alexander of Orange relieved the former Queen Beatrix of her duties as the Royal head of state. On the 30th of april, the Netherlands came together as a whole to celebrate their new King and to express their gratitude to Princess Beatrix for her loyal service and impeccable representation of the Dutch people.

While the monarchy does not exert any political power, it still plays vital roles in diplomacy, international relations and domestic issues. For the most part, Dutch people look to the royal family as a beacon of inspiration, pride and grace. Their dedication can be seen in the famous seas of Orange, a color that is synonymous with the country and the namesake of the Royal Family.

One of the first photographs showing the King working at his desk have revealed that his iPhone is encased by one of our leather Flip-cases. The discovery was made by our friends at OneMoreThing and comes as a very pleasant and humbling surprise to us here at Decoded. We wish our new potentate a long and illustrious regency and would like to express our deepest gratitude to our Princess Beatrix for her lifelong dedication.